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The word ‘Aelius’ can be traced to the Roman origins; it refers to ‘The Sun’. We hope to lend the luminance of this deity and turn the consumers into coveted ‘Greek Gods.’

Aelius Pharma Pvt Ltd started in the year 2013 with an aim to provide high quality healthcare products and services at a ‘Pocket-Friendly’ Price to cater to the needs of a varied consumer base. Buoyed with the spirit of entrepreneurships we are a young startup, striving hard to set our brands up for success.

Our operations, inventory, supply chain are well integrated to match up to our customer requirements. Our highly efficient Marketing and Sales Team is dedicated to addressing the needs of the Indian consumer through new product development, availability of products at e-commerce retails, quality Inventories, on time delivery and extensive customer support.


At Aelius Pharma, we ensure to provide the newest and latest products in the evergrowing segments of Healthcare, FMCG and allied products.

Our Leadership

Who We Are

Shalini Kumar

Mrs. Shalini Saxena Kumar is currently the Promoter of Elder Group of Companies, and Director in various concerns, and heads this young company, Aelius Pharma Pvt. Ltd. (APPL) with an aim to make it a market leader in its current field of both medical and instrumentation.

Born in Delhi she moved to Mumbai at a very young age and did her schooling from the Convent of Jesus and Mary, Mumbai followed by a bachelor in Bio Medical Engineering in Thadomal Shahni Engg. College, Mumbai

She went to US and completed her Masters in Bio medical Engineering (MS Science) with her entire research in the field of Medical Instrumentation, to help paraplegic (individuals paralysed from waist down) and designed the system which helps them increase their activities of daily living. She also had a research paper published on this equipment. Armed with this high academic background, she joined the Elder Group Of Companies.

Over the next 20 years, she headed the orgainsation in the sales and marketing fields and was instrumental in creating a part of the history of Elder.

The vision in APPL now is to grow the organization to reach the 100 crores mark in the next three years in which she feels the greatest asset is hardwork, perseverance and the attitude to be a winner. With the current economic scenario in India, allied fields need to be developed and focus on the Indian Manufacturing need to be shifted.

She is a dynamic and visionary leader who knows how to create a change in the current scenario of the neutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets, and create an uproar in the FMCG and medical equipment markets.

Karan Raj Kumar

The entrepreneurial and technical head of the organization, it is his vision that is the driving force of Aelius Pharma Pvt. Ltd. A qualified Aeronautical Engineer, he chooses to diversify totally into this new emerging market, which will be the biggest trendsetter.

Born and studied in Mumbai, his love for the newest in technology saw him creating a niche in the field of Structural Engineering and Aerodynamics.

He has a rich experience as a Technical Training Manager in Jet Airways, and was instrumental in setting up their classroom training methodologies and concepts. Currently, he is instrumental in setting up trainings for air service providers.

It was his this technical expertise that lead him to lead the Elder Group technically forward, and his repertoire includes new technologies which are dynamically altered to suit the Indian environment, manufacturing them in India, thus offering world class products at affordable Indian Prices. He managed and upgarded the manufacturing units, continuously adding on innovations to deliver the best.

His zest to market new product lines and product methodologies is what will make APPL, a name to reckon within the years to come.


Aelius Pharma is a growing company of inter related businesses and continuously strives to meet and satisfy the needs of its customers for a total value by offering a unique package of price, product and service.

Our Brands

What We have to Offer



The pioneers of medical equipments for treating of sleep and respiratory disorders, we have wide range of Sleep Therapy and Life Saving equipments like Oxygen concentrator, CPAP’s, Bipap, Non Invasive Ventilator, Nebuliser, Critical Monitoring equipments like Pulse Oximetry, Multi-parameter Monitor & Sleep diagnosis.



PLUSS is a multi-benefit, nature based personal care system of skincare, bath and body products. With the economical range of Fragrances and allied products, we are committed to making grooming a fuss-free and pleasurable experience to get you look and feel great and energetic.



UMBRO is one the premium International football labels which was established in 1924, now available in India. Products ranging from Fragrances to personal care. Umbro addresses the need of young, confident and active people who are always on the move, juggling between work and maintaining their lifestyle.


We are passionate about selling our premium and exclusive imported range of Fragrances and cosmetics that are luxurious but affordable. The effective formulations love your skin and transform your beauty routines into rituals. Free of any harmful ingredients our products ensure high quality and effective results.

Autumn Air Freshners

Auttum Air freshener Spray is the perfect way to fight unwanted odours and bring an instant burst of freshness in any room of your home or office. The content as well as the fragrance lasts long. Our Air Freshener Spray has a dual action formula that not only eliminates un-pleasant odours but also fragrances the air instantly.

Fitness Water

Our Fitness Water segment is a line of flavoured water enhanced with added Vitamins. It will be a performance booster and a great substitute for Sodas and Sugar-laden juices with limited calories and maximum energy, keeping you fit and fresh.

Pharmaceutical Products

Aelius Pharma Pvt. Ltd. has also a large and secured presence in the emerging categories of neutraceuticals and therapies, primarily in the Export markets. We are now reconsolidating our efforts to create our Niche in the Domestic Markets. We have identified Four Major Markets.


The Key Products in this segment include vitamin supplements & vitamin combination specialized products capable of handling problems of diabetes, arthritis, neurological issues & cardiac ailments The company’s key brands includes the the multivitamin segment (inject able, oral and suspension), eye drop segment, each of which has significant opportunity of USD 117 billion (Rs. 5,148 billion) The Nutraceuticals market has been growing at a CAGR of 15% for the last 3 years. The Ernst & Young FICCI Report estimates the latent market in India at 2-4 times the existing market size (between Rs. 89 billion and Rs. 172 billion) with nearly 148 million potential customers

Anti infectives and Cardiac Segments

The Company’s anti-infective portfolio comprises of cephalosporins, amino glycosides and amoxicillin. These help in the treatment of range of infections, including several bacterial infections, UTI and RTI In the Cardiac Segments Company's products in this domain are in the Anti Hypertensive, LMWH and Metabolic protection of the heart

Wound healing

The Key Products in this segment address a wide range of wound applications and pain-management products used during surgeries. These products can be used in pre & post-operative stages as well as during the course of surgery. As part of the Wound healing therapy, we offer the entire product range, Anti- Thrombotic low molecular Heparin) right form the dressing to the ointment and finally to actual pain management and healing portfolio.

Womans Healthcare

Key Products in this category address the needs of a woman ranging from Pre- menstrual, infertility to menopause as well as problems related to vitamin necessities, labor/parturition and hormonal imbalance through dosage of supplements with the company also launching new line variants of the brand which have ramped up successfully.

Aelius Pharma will have a continued emphasis on Brand building and a high motivation to excel in the Exports markets. To move forward, we will focus on contract manufacturing opportunities for and with strategic partners. We will also be expanding our marketing and distribution reach with focus on the rural emerging markets. We are also focusing on building and consolidating our strengths in semi regulated markets


Discover a world of opportunities and get in touch with us for diversified career opportunities.
Write to us Current Openings

2016-17 has been a great foundation year for Aelius Pharma Pvt. Ltd. and as part of our expansion plans to grow FIVE fold in 2017-2018 we have available the following vacancies :

FMCG (1)

  • Candidate should have at least 10 years experience in this segment with a dynamic vision for growth and brand building.
  • The position requires extensive travelling, and the rewards are directly proportional to the results delivered by the professional.

Regional Sales Managers
FMCG (4)

  • Based in the 6-8 respective zones of the indian sub continent, the incumbent should be capable of creating his own sales teams and leading them from the front.
  • Similar to a dynamic chief, he should have the visions to grow his particular territory to greater heights. The professional should have am minimum of 3-5 years experience in the same field.
  • Sales Officers
  • Sales persons in different HQs in India, having a minimum of 2-3 years experience selling similar products.


  • Candidate should have 5-8 years experience in a SME and be able to take complete charge of all account related activities.


  • Finance executives should have 3-5 years in the finance sector relating to bank work, creation of project reports.


  • Act as the face of the company and develop and implement an annual agenda for the HR Strategy in line with the business plan. He should coordinate the recruitment throughout the company. Building relationships with recruiters, set up interviews, draft briefs etc. are all part of this professionals profile.


  • Incumbent should have 3-5 years experience in the handling of stores and logistics in allied fields.

All salaries at all levels will be at or above par of the industry. The chief requirement is PERFRMANCE. Aelius Pharma greatly recognizes this and will ensure performers are able to reach theirs Zeniths at the earliest, and will be much rewarded for the same. Mail us your resume on

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